Inhibited hydrochloric acid NGK

Inhibited hydrochloric acid NGK

HS Code: 2806100000
CAS Number: 7647-01-0
Trade name: hydrochloric acid, Inhibited hydrochloric acid  
Formula: HCl


This acid solution was designed for gas and oil industries in order to enhance wells recovery.
Having low iron content, inhibited hydrochloric acid NGK allows to significantly reduce the sedimentation in pores of the formation, thereby increasing the permeability of the well bottom-hole zone.

Hydrochloric acid is poured into euro cubs with 1 m3 net weight. The product is transported by railway and auto tanks.

UN classification UN 1789

UN hazard class: 8

Classification according to the provisions of the UN Model Regulations - corrosive (corrosive) substances

Classification code 8012, 8013

Storage rules

Store in sealed containers of the consignor (consignee) made of materials resistant to hydrochloric acid;

Storage areas must be well ventilated, cement floors and protected from direct sunlight and heat;

Substances and materials incompatible during storage: organic substances, oxidants, alkalis, flammable liquids;

The storage period of the product is one year from the date of manufacture.