Advanced technology

Advanced technology

We use the state-of-art technology which provides the production of high quality goods which meets the requirements of international standards.

Advanced technology
The only manufacturer of KOH in Russia

The only manufacturer of KOH in Russia

Soda-Chlorate limited is included in the list of enterprises implementing an import substitution program in the chemical industry of the Russian Federation.

The only manufacturer of KOH in Russia
Developed logistics system

Developed logistics system

We deliver our goods to customers in many countries of the world due to our broad range of supply solutions. The well-coordinated operations of purchasing, sales and transport services ensure effective management of material flows and stocks.

Developed logistics system
Qualified staff

Qualified staff

Improving personal efficiency, involving in the optimization of business processes and maximizing customer focus perform an integral part of the enterprise corporate culture.

Qualified staff

About company

Soda-chlorate limited was established in 1999. 
Due to the successful modernization, completed in 2015, the company started the production line of unique pure products: potassium hydroxide liquid and solid, potassium carbonate and hydrochloric acid.
Nowadays, Soda-Chlorate limited performs: 

• The dynamically developing industrial enterprise with a wide range of chemical products
• The only manufacturer of potassium hydroxide in Russia.

The company is always driven to meet the needs of its customers as much as possible. Offering high-quality products allows us to be competitive both in domestic and international markets.
As a result of a successful sales strategy, Soda-Chlorate limited was included in the list of import substitution enterprises of the Russian Federation in 2016.

In order to meet modern quality requirements, our people always try to sustain the unity of financial, technical, marketing, and research systems. The team of Soda-Chlorate limited is constantly working to establish new relations with domestic and foreign partners. Providing customers with high-grade products has always been the priority goal of the company's staff.
We always put quality above the rest, for the good name of the company stands behind it.
We’re looking forward to benefiting partnership.

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