Calcium chloride technical liquid (CaCl 32%)

Calcium chloride technical liquid (CaCl 32%)

HS Code: 2827200000
CAS Number: 10043-52-4
Trade name: calcium chloride, calcium dichloride, calcium chloride technical liquid  
Formula: CaCl2


•    construction and manufacturing of building materials;
•    deicing and deicing compositions;
•    nonferrous metallurgy;
•    an agent for intensifying oil production;
•    a component of killing solutions for oil and gas wells;
•    a component of drilling fluids and grouting solutions;
•    planting heavy metals from phosphor solutions;
•    refrigeration technology;
•    the production of plasticizers for fiberboard (fiberboard);
•    the pharmacopoeial production.

The product is transported:

·       in universal containers;

·       by road transport in the consignee's container;

·       in railway tanks.

Fire and explosion-proof. Calcium chloride liquid is a weak base. Contact with zinc should be avoided, as hydrogen is released when zinc interacts with an aqueous solution.

Storage rules

Store the liquid product in a closed container in a closed room or in a specially equipped container outdoors;

Avoid joint storage with organic substances, acids, alkalis, metals, zinc;

Recommended materials for containers and packaging: steel drums;

The guaranteed storage period is 8 months from the date of manufacture.